Maximus Rose

Group Retirement & Pension Plans

Group Retirement Plans

We administer the following types of employer sponsored retirement plans:

  • Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • Group RRSP
  • Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)
  • Group TFSA


1. Pay yourself first through regular payroll deductions 
2. Immediate tax saving through gross pay
3. Dollar Cost Averaging
4. Competitive management fee’s - wholesale

Individual Investment Solutions

We administer the following types of employer sponsored retirement plans:

  • RRSPs (Registered Retirement Savings Plans)
  • RRIFs (Registered Retirement Income Funds)
  • LIFs (Locked- In Income Funds)
  • LIRAs (Locked In Retirement Accounts)
  • Individual Pension Plan (IPP)
  • RESPs  (Registered Education Savings Plans)
  • TFSA's (Tax Free Savings Accounts)


1. Segregated Funds
2. GIC's & Term Deposits
3. Annuities
4. GIAs
5. High-Interest Saving and Chequing Accounts
6. RRSP and Investment Loans