Maximus Rose

Employee Assistance Plan

Maximus Rose EAP Social Workers are caring, experienced and highly knowledgeable counseling professionals who have been selected for their commitment to treat everyone with sensitivity, respect and concern.

Common Reasons for utilizing EAP Services

- Abuse
- Addiction
- Anger
- Anxiety / Depression
- Family / Relationships

- Grief / Loss
- Life Stage Transitions
- Marriage
- Stress (work/home)
- Workplace Conflict


How to Access EAP:

Employees can refer themselves to EAP. Supervisors may also request that an employee see a counselor to help resolve issues that may be affecting their work performance.

Confidentiality Guarantee:

All contact with EAP remains confidential. 

No personal information is shared with the employer without written consent from the client. Exceptions include serious matters required by law to report to legal authorities or when an employer makes a mandatory referral.


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